At CMATIC, we are continuously working on improving and guaranteeing the sustainability of our products and services to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

In recent years, CMATIC S.L. has set up several studies in order to find out how to improve our participation in the circular economy and how to reduce our use of non-recyclable plastic waste. This is being facilitated by the April 8th Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil for a Circular Economy. Together with our suppliers and customers, our packaging and plastic waste has been improved, allowing us to reuse and recycle said plastics in a more efficient way.

As such, CMATIC is committed to continue trying to keep up with the global eco-agenda. By attempting to follow the Decade of Action Program, in which the UN defines the steps to take in order to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, our company is studying ways to base its energy model on one that is powered by clean electricity. Although this transition is a long process that is in continuous evolution, we have already taken the first steps; CMATIC understands the use of fossil fuels is one of the main accelerators of climate change, since they are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, to the improvements already implemented in our Green Logistics Plan —which have allowed us to significantly reduce our use of fossil fuels in transportation— we must also mention the large number of commercial vehicles that have been updated and replaced by electric or hybrid models.

In CMATIC S.L., alongside our suppliers, we will continue our efforts to support and keep up with the sustainability goals on the global agenda. The increase in the availability of sustainable products in the sector, such as the LEVITON’s SST cable, and the improvement in the installation of telecommunication infrastructures, make the future appear increasingly greener and more efficient, and are key to the transition of our sector towards a more sustainable model.